Explore Moai World - What’s so special about the 1st game on Concha Testnet?

The first on-chain game world on Concha

Moai, the first on-chain game world, is built on Concha, providing a transparent and decentralized ecology in which players may fully immerse themselves. This game is intended to bring together like-minded people, web3 enthusiasts, creators, lovers of stories, and great art on an open trip full of adventure and excitement.

Why On-chain Game?

Noticing the limitation when players have to collect the NFTs imposed by developers, MOAI has thoroughly used on-chain technologies to genuinely empower consumers.

This intentional choice has resulted in an autonomous environment in which players hold extraordinary power. Gone are the days of dependence on project publishers; in Moai, each individual has complete control over their narrative, thanks to the seamless integration of on-chain technologies.

Stimulate Creative in Game Design 

Moai's mission is clear: to cultivate a groundbreaking game design that prioritizes the player's journey above all else. 

While some blockchain games flood the market with a plethora of subpar titles, Moai stands out by empowering developers to craft imaginative and captivating gameplay. By embracing a diverse array of genres and mechanics, Moai encourages developers to channel their creativity into delivering immersive experiences that truly captivate players' imaginations.

Why build on Concha?

Building an on-chain game is challenging due to the requirement of the best architecture and infrastructure in the Blockchain industry. Challenges include restricted scalability, costly gas expenses, and concealing on-chain information and security problems.

Concha’s architecture is designed to tackle these challenges by leveraging zk-rollups and modularity technology. DApps built on Concha also provided seamless and friendly UX for consumers and mainstream users by applying account abstraction. 

Besides, to build autonomous worlds for users, Moai has employed MUD Compatible, a useful framework for developing ambitious on-chain applications.

Focusing on consumer applications, Concha aims to fill the gap between blockchain solutions and mainstream customers. Aligned with Concha’s mission, Moai is the first DApp built on Concha, enables the creation of a transparent and decentralized ecosystem in which players from Web2 and game content creators can also fully immerse themselves in the world of Moai. 

Exciting to strive into Moai’s World? Let’s see how players have autonomy and conquer their own empires with this instruction video

About Concha

Concha is a powerful zkRollup hyper-layer on the Bitcoin network designed to enable and empower web3 consumer apps. These apps include on-chain gaming, social media, work platforms, e-commerce, and education, all driving towards widespread blockchain adoption. 

Concha is developed by Icetea Labs, a leading web3 venture builder in SEA.

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