A new beginning with a new brand identity: Greeting Conla

It has been a handful of weeks since Concha’s Tesnet with a lot of news and information that was brought up to you. We believe that Concha’s identity has become familiar to our audience. However, towards an all-embracing vision, we officially introduce Conla - our new brand identity.

Shifting Perspectives: From Concha to Conla

The previous name, Concha, is a name that resonates with our audience and also came up with meaning, which is compounded from “consumer chain”. 

When mentioning “chain”, Web3 users normally think of Monolithic chains because these blockchains have been the industry standard since the emergence of the first cryptocurrencies. They are blockchains that provide consensus and security, guarantee data availability, and execute transactions, all in the same layer.

Meanwhile, Concha is built as a modular blockchain. Modular blockchain designs basically diverge from their monolithic counterparts by strategically decoupling core functionalities and distributing them across distinct layers. This architecture assists in leveraging consumer applications to be built on Conla to be more flexible and effective. 

Following that, we do not want users to misunderstand Concha’s statement of meaning. Therefore, therein lies the contributing factor prompting the rebranding of Concha to its distinguished new title, Conla.

Bridging the Gap: Conla's Role in Blockchain Adoption

Following weeks of unveiling the Concha Testnet, our team has gracefully acknowledged community feedback regarding potential sensitive connotations that the name “Concha” may evoke in various linguistic contexts. Together with the acknowledgment of the global user base, we have elected to adopt a new suitable name to engage with every community spectrum. 

Conla emerges from blending the initial letters of "COnsumer" and "LAyer" to form a single word. In essence, Concha is built as a solution layer on top of Rootstock (layer 2 on Bitcoin). Thus, the decision to adopt the term "Layer" is seen as a more appropriate option to convey the significance of Conla to our audience.

So why “Consumer Layer”? At first, it is crucial to know that consumer applications refer to applications designed for being used by everyday individuals, rather than specialized for traders or speculators. These apps cater to a wide audience and typically offer functionalities such as social networking, entertainment, productivity tools, e-commerce, and education, among others.

We believe that by envisioning and nurturing an expanding ecosystem of these apps, Conla will contribute to advancing the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

About Conla

Conla is a powerful zkRollup hyper-layer on the Bitcoin network designed to enable and empower web3 consumer apps. These apps include on-chain gaming, social media, work platforms, e-commerce, and education, all driving towards widespread blockchain adoption. 

Conla is developed by Icetea Labs, a leading web3 venture builder in SEA.

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