Ecosystem Update #1: Exciting Developments and New Horizons

Welcome to our first Ecosystem Update! We are excited to share the latest developments and new horizons for Conla and our community. Over the past few months, we've been working tirelessly to enhance our platform, engage with the global blockchain community, and introduce innovative projects that align with our mission of driving blockchain mass adoption. From the launch of Conla Testnet Version 2 to successful events and inspiring new projects, we have much to celebrate and look forward to. Let's dive into the key highlights and see how we continues to innovate and expand Conla’s ecosystem.

Conla Testnet Version 2 is on Air!

The upgrade to Testnet V2 is a major step forward in our mission to deliver the best consumer layer for Bitcoin as we can.

We have wrapped some key changes of Tesnet V2 for you:

  • AA Wallets & Paymaster Features: Enjoy enhanced usability with zero gas fees.
  • Latest zkEVM: Experience faster, more secure transactions.
  • Fallback Mechanism: Benefit from reliable and robust network performance.

For further details, please head to our Tesnet Version 2 Blog.

Events Galore: Building Our Network Around the World

Conla's participation in the GM Vietnam 2024 and Dubai Token2049 events has marked our In-person Community and Partner Meetups. Go below to know more about our journeys at these two events.

Conla Side Event at GM Vietnam 2024: Layers of the New Era

Conla’s side event at the GM Blockchain conference was a remarkable success, drawing nearly 400 attendees from across the blockchain industry. The event was co-hosted by Bitlayer, our esteemed partner known for their pioneering work in blockchain technology. Our sponsors and partners, including Polygon, Nibiru, CyberConnect, and Icetea Labs, played a crucial role in making this event possible.

Together, we created an engaging platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements and trends in blockchain. The event featured insightful keynotes, dynamic panel discussions, and great networking sessions, all contributing to a memorable and impactful experience. We are immensely grateful to our co-hosts, sponsors, partners, and everyone who participated, making this event a significant milestone for Conla and GM Vietnam 2024.

Layers of the New Era: People attending the event.

Dubai Token2049

The journey to Dubai for the Token2049 event was truly inspiring. We had the opportunity to meet many fantastic individuals who are pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. The journey was filled with exciting conversations and potential collaborations, opening doors to great opportunities for Conla. The energy and innovation at Token2049 were palpable, and we are excited about the future prospects that this trip has brought to light.

New apps on Conla


Being a new project on Conla, Moseiki is an innovative web3 platform that revolutionizes social media by empowering users to reclaim ownership of their online identity and enjoy a more meaningful and fulfilling experience.

Try Moseiki HERE, now!


This is the newest project on Conla. XRADERS empowers investors with curated, trustworthy insights through the integration of AI and blockchain technology. By providing transparent and tamper-proof data, along with community-driven validation, XRADER ensures that investors have access to the most reliable information to make informed decisions.

Visit XRADERS now! Click HERE!

About Conla

Conla is a powerful zkRollup hyper-layer on the Bitcoin network designed to enable and empower web3 consumer apps. These apps include on-chain gaming, social media, work platforms, e-commerce, and education, all driving towards widespread blockchain adoption. 

Conla is developed by Icetea Labs, a leading web3 venture builder in SEA.

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