Conla Testnet V2: Tech updates toward more Secure and UX-friendly Consumer Layer

Conla Testnet V2: Tech updates toward more Secure and UX-friendly Consumer Layer

It's been two months since we first introduced Conla to the community and launched Testnet V1. During this time, we've experienced significant growth in community engagement. Concurrently, our tech team has been diligently working to enhance our security and usability. Today, we are excited to announce the release of Conla Testnet 2, a major step forward in our mission to deliver the best layer of Bitcoin for consumer apps.

Key Updates in Conla Testnet 2

1. Integration of AA Wallet and Paymaster Features

We implement Account Abstraction not only to enhance wallet design but also to elevate usability, making DApps more accessible to mainstream users. AA wallets promise versatile applications across various sectors of decentralized finance and beyond; at this Testnet V2, we introduce Batch Transactions and Paymaster functionalities.

This new Paymaster feature allows Conla or third parties to cover transaction fees for users, enhancing accessibility and user experience. It removes the barrier of transaction fees, making it easier for everyone, even web2 users, to engage with Conla without worrying about gas costs.

2. Upgrade to the Latest zkEVM Version

We have integrated the latest version of Polygon zkEVM (Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine). zkEVM employs zero-knowledge proofs to ensure the security and integrity of transactions without exposing the underlying data. This upgrade significantly enhances Conla's performance, making it both faster and more secure.

3. Fallback Mechanism

To ensure the reliability and robustness of our network, we have implemented a fallback mechanism. This feature is designed to prevent delays in withdrawal transactions under any circumstance, even if Celestia DA (Data Availability), our data on-chain storage solution, is under maintenance. By providing an alternative path for transaction processing, we guarantee that user assets remain accessible and secure at all times.

Discover Conla's cutting-edge technology and revolutionize your blockchain experience:

Make sure to explore the apps available on Testnet 2

Moai’s World

Moai, the pioneering on-chain game world on Conla, is designed to unite web3 enthusiasts, creators, story lovers, and art aficionados for an open journey filled with adventure and excitement.

Not familiar with this game yet? Let’s start your journey now!

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Chain Slayer

Experience the first fully on-chain game on Bitcoin! By harnessing the power of decentralized technology, players gain true ownership and control of their Monster assets, with transparent and immutable records guaranteeing the authenticity and rarity of each creature.

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Additionally, we also introduce the new Moseiki Integration, a Web3 social network that seamlessly connects Web2 and Web3, now launched for the first time on Conla!

About Conla

Conla is a powerful zkRollup hyper-layer on the Bitcoin network designed to enable and empower web3 consumer apps. These apps include on-chain gaming, social media, work platforms, e-commerce, and education, all driving towards widespread blockchain adoption. 

Conla is developed by Icetea Labs, a leading web3 venture builder in SEA.

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